Interview – Meet the Artist with Frances Wilson

It was a great pleasure to be part of Meet The Artist online interview series. Thanks a lot to @ Frances Wilson @The Cross-Eyed Pianist. Read the complete interview through this link below:

Mariam Kharatyan, pianist

“It is an entirely different experience to perform for an audience and to record to the microphones without a live audience present. The live audience, and the energy that flows to the stage from the audience, creates moments of spontaneous musical choices, and magical moments that are impossible to fully describe in words; I find the opposite in a recording process/situation. During the recording process, there are different aspects that have to be focused on, and to me, it has been very important during my album recordings to have all the takes as complete performances.

When I was recording the album Komitas, Shoror with the folk musician Vigen Balasanyan, who played the ancient Armenian folk instruments blul and duduk, all our takes were complete performances of each folk song. I believe it is crucial to achieve this uninterrupted/unedited flow of music, both in duo with folk instruments and in folk dances on solo piano.”