The Romantic Kaleidoscope

October 28, 2022
6:00 pm
Klubben Concert Hall

Mariam Kharatyan will perform in 20 years Jubileum Concert of AGDER VITENSKAPSAKADEMI.

Riselda Rreka, violin, Astri Alise Rødland, sopran, and David Almenning, tenor from the University of Agder, will join in performances. 

In 19th century the Western Classical musical art was blossoming with the spirit of the stylistic movement known as the Romantic era of the music, taking over wide range of countries and musical cultures. The idea of The Romantic Kaleidoscope is to present Romantic era of music through composers from different countries and their unique cultural lenses and identity, that transfers us and the listeners into a broad emotional spectrum that a human being can possibly feel. The joy and evocations, reflections on life and death, sufferings and love of the characters that are presented in this music program, are as relevant and touching us as it was over hundred years ago, during the Romantic era when these compositions were created.

The expressiveness and dramatism, the individualism and emotional intensity of the Romantic eras’ music communicates perhaps more direct than any other music with people’s heart, thus unifying all of us, anchored and resonating with our own feelings and life experiences.

The eminent composers of Romantic period such as Chopin (1810-1849, Poland), Grieg (1843-1907, Norway, Nasjonalromantikken), Puccini (1858-1924), Verdi (1813-1901, Italy), Kálmán (1882-1953), Lehár (1870-1948, Hungary), and Massenet (1842-1912, France), made their vivid impact on music history not only on their native land, but as well on the history of classical world music. They shaped the musical aesthetics of their time and further impacted the future generation composers’ stylistic development, influencing wide range of cultural understandings and art forms. The Romantic Kaleidoscope will take on exiting musical journey in time and space.